Welcome! Please get in touch; I would love to hear from you! Not limited to but especially if you…

  1. Have a question for me (There is no question too weird. Seriously. If you have it, ask it.),
  2. Have a request, something you’d like to work on in class; e.g., a specific pose, stretching or strengthening a certain body part, higher energy, stress relief, you name it),
  3. Have any sort of feedback for me. My students are my teachers. Let’s keep the channel of communication open so I can provide the best experience for you,
  4. Just want to say “hi,” or
  5. Would like to book a 1:1 session, celebration (think: baby shower, birthday party, etc.), or class/workshop at your office.


IG: Housiepants

FB: Liz House

Phone: 339-222-8508